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Last additions - Vic & Nigel's Honeymoon - 13-30th Oct 2003
17:10:03 03:24.jpg
The Kris dancers123 viewsThe Rangda put a spell on the soldiers which made them want to kill themselves using their Kris (sharp, wave-bladed knives). The Barong makes their bodies impervious to the blades.Nov 01, 2003
17:10:03 03:20.jpg
The Rangda transforms into a bird168 viewsNov 01, 2003
17:10:03 03:21.jpg
And Sadewa transforms into the Barong, a force for good.124 viewsNov 01, 2003
17:10:03 03:09_1.jpg
.. but is bewitched by the Rangda157 viewsNov 01, 2003
17:10:03 03:09.jpg
The Prime Minister arrives to save Sadewa157 viewsNov 01, 2003
29:10:03 05:55.jpg
Temple in Little India, SIngapore134 viewsNov 01, 2003
18:10:03 03:46.jpg
The view from our hotel room balcony122 viewsThis is looking to the eastNov 01, 2003
17:10:03 03:08_1.jpg
The Rangda again, with a monkey on the left.200 viewsNov 01, 2003
17:10:03 03:08.jpg
The Rangda prepares to kill Sadewa157 viewsNov 01, 2003
17:10:03 03:07.jpg
The Rangda enters170 viewsCarried on the shoulders of her servantsNov 01, 2003
17:10:03 03:05.jpg
Sadewa is tied up164 viewsThe Prime Minister's two servants take Sadewa to the forest and time him to a treeNov 01, 2003
17:10:03 03:01_2.jpg
The Queen insists that Sadewa be taken to the forest and killed173 viewsNov 01, 2003
17:10:03 03:01.jpg
The Queen with Sadewa, her son.170 viewsThe Rangda is visible in the backgroundNov 01, 2003
17:10:03 03:01_1.jpg
Sadewa pleads with his mother for his life163 viewsThe part of Sadewa is played by girl (one of the two who earlier performed the Legong dance, I think)Nov 01, 2003
17:10:03 02:55.jpg
The Prime Minister178 viewsNov 01, 2003
17:10:03 02:59.jpg
The Queen164 viewsNov 01, 2003
17:10:03 02:50.jpg
Two male dancers176 viewsI think these were supposed to be servants of the Prime MinisterNov 01, 2003
17:10:03 02:54.jpg
Rangda attacks the Prime Minister212 viewsThe white-haired creature with long finger nails is the Rangda, a witch. Witches always wear stripey trousers (which should make them easy to spot).Nov 01, 2003
17:10:03 02:45_4.jpg
The dance theatre at Batubulan178 viewsThe dance took place in a dedicated theatre. As far as I can tell this was a traditional Balinese theatre, with the split gate at the back of the stage, in front of a temple-like structure. The audience sits in tiered rows.Nov 01, 2003
17:10:03 02:45_3.jpg
The other Legong dancer242 viewsNov 01, 2003
17:10:03 02:45_2.jpg
One of the Legong dancers275 viewsNov 01, 2003
17:10:03 02:45_1.jpg
Two dancers perform the Legong dance207 viewsNov 01, 2003
17:10:03 02:45.jpg
Two dancers perform the Legong dance254 viewsNov 01, 2003
17:10:03 02:44_2.jpg
Gamelan Orchestra364 viewsThe instruments are mostly bamboo percussion instruments but there are also flute-like wind instrumentsNov 01, 2003
17:10:03 02:44.jpg
Traditional Balinese Dance209 viewsWe went to a Barong and Kris Dance. It started with a short piece about a tiger, a monkey and some woodcutters. After that two dancers came on.Nov 01, 2003
17:10:03 02:44_1.jpg
Gamelan Orchestra251 viewsThe dances were accompanied by a gamelan orchestraNov 01, 2003
15:10:03 11:12.jpg
Waves break on the shore at Tanah Lot180 viewsNov 01, 2003
15:10:03 11:11_1.jpg
Looking towards our clifftop hotel from Tanah Lot beach169 viewsThe beach was mostly black volcanic sand, so wasn't much good for sunbathing or swimming. Le Meridien Nirwana hotel can only just be seen from the beach.Nov 01, 2003
15:10:03 11:11.jpg
Tanah lot from further along the beach176 viewsNov 01, 2003
15:10:03 11:03.jpg
Some people we met at Tanah Lot263 viewsThey wanted to take our photos, no idea why!Nov 01, 2003
15:10:03 10:55_1.jpg
Sunset from Tanah Lot beach186 viewsNov 01, 2003
15:10:03 10:56.jpg
Sunset from Tanah Lot beach200 viewsNov 01, 2003
15:10:03 10:55.jpg
Tanah Lot194 viewsNov 01, 2003
15:10:03 10:54.jpg
Other temples near Tanah Lot207 viewsThere are many other buildings and temples built on the shore near Tanah Lot, with quite a few shops and postcard sellers catering for tourists.Nov 01, 2003
15:10:03 10:53.jpg
Sunset near Tanah Lot212 viewsNov 01, 2003
15:10:03 10:48.jpg
Visitors to Tanah Lot197 viewsEach sunset sees many tourists and locals visiting Tanah Lot, as its location on the south-west coast of Bali makes it an idea location for viewing the sunsets. Under the cliffs on the right of the picture, holy coral snakes live, which you can see for a suitable donation.Nov 01, 2003
15:10:03 10:47.jpg
Victoria on the beach at Tanah Lot419 viewsNov 01, 2003
15:10:03 10:46.jpg
Tanah Lot as the sun sets255 viewsA picture taken from the beach near Tanah LotNov 01, 2003
15:10:03 10:28_1.jpg
Tanah Lot again272 viewsAnother picture of Tanah Lot from the same locationNov 01, 2003
15:10:03 10:28.jpg
Tanah Lot from the hotel309 viewsThe hotel was very close to Tanah Lot, one of the holiest Hindu temples in Bali. The temple is built on top of a rock, standing in the sea. This picture was taken from part of the golf course associated with the hotel.Nov 01, 2003
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