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25:10:03 08:58_1.jpg
Flowers by the hotel pool178 views
25:10:03 08:59.jpg
Flowers by the hotel pool167 views
25:10:03 09:19.jpg
One of the pools at the hotel184 views
25:10:03 09:20.jpg
One of the pools at the hotel187 viewsThe end of the shorter waterslide can be seen at the far end
25:10:03 09:20_1.jpg
The Poolside Grill restaurant at the hotel184 views
25:10:03 09:21.jpg
Another pool at the hotel199 views
25:10:03 09:21_1.jpg
The Lagoon Pool and waterfall at the hotel199 views
25:10:03 09:21_2.jpg
Lagoon Pool184 views
25:10:03 09:21_3.jpg
Lagoon Pool199 views
26:10:03 04:06.jpg
Vic cools down with a beer in Ubud192 viewsOn Sunday 26th October, we went to Ubud in central Bali for the day.
26:10:03 04:06_1.jpg
Vic cools off with a beer in Ubud182 views
26:10:03 04:07.jpg
Painting for sale in Ubud180 viewsUbud is the main cultural centre in Bali, and hosts dances and wood/stone/painting and cooking workshops, as well as lots of shops selling handicrafts.
26:10:03 06:33.jpg
Stone carving on a temple in Ubud180 views
26:10:03 06:33_1.jpg
Stone carving on a temple in Ubud183 views
26:10:03 07:07.jpg
Ubud roadside warung179 viewsA warung is the name for a place selling food.
27:10:03 06:04.jpg
The big slides at Waterbom195 viewsWaterbom (pronounced "Waterboom") is a water park in Kuta.
27:10:03 06:05.jpg
Slides at Waterbom176 viewsThe slides are (left to right): Smashdown, Boogie Run, and Racetrack (last two)
27:10:03 06:05_1.jpg
Slides at Waterbom184 viewsThe Racetrack feautures side by side tracks, with a bump in the middle which makes you fly above the track as you come down. As well as the slides shown, there are a couple of tube rides (one with a long enclosed section), and a twisty Jungle slide.
27:10:03 06:05_2.jpg
Smashdown at Waterbom202 viewsThe Smashdown is the most extreme slide at Waterbom. It features an almost vertical drop after an enclosed entrance. The speed of falling and force of water when you hit the bottom are exhilirating (and a bit scarey!)
27:10:03 06:05_3.jpg
Boogie Run213 viewsThe Boogie Run (wider track) is a side by side slide, where you go down the slide head-first lying face down on a mat. Vic and I went on this together and agreed it was pretty good, and not as extreme as the others shown on here.
27:10:03 09:50.jpg
Street in Kuta, Bali183 viewsOur last day in Bali was spent at the Waterbom, followed by an afternoon of souvenir shopping.
27:10:03 11:09.jpg
Last night in Bali197 viewsOur last evening in Bali was spent at Kuta. We finally got a cloud-free horizon for a perfect sunset
27:10:03 11:10.jpg
Sunset at Kuta172 viewsThe colours were fantastic
27:10:03 11:12.jpg
Sunset at Kuta182 viewsThe sunset was only marred by one thing. Anna "Big Banana" decided to do a hard-sell of her manicure/pedicure services to Victoria. When Vic assented to the "free sample" we were quickly surrounded by Anna's beach-seller friends who proceeded to hassle us for the entire sunset (to little effect, we weren't buying!)
27:10:03 11:15.jpg
Sunset at Kuta179 views
27:10:03 11:16.jpg
Sunset at Kuta180 views
27:10:03 11:17.jpg
Sunset at Kuta179 viewsBeautiful sky over Bali
28:10:03 02:59.jpg
Waterlilies at the hotel entrance175 viewsI took these while waiting for VIctoria to emerge from the spa, before heading off for the flight to SIngapore.
28:10:03 02:59_1.jpg
Waterlilies at the hotel entrance196 views
28:10:03 02:59_2.jpg
Waterlilies at the hotel entrance164 views
28:10:03 03:00.jpg
Waterlilies at the hotel entrance164 views
28:10:03 03:00_1.jpg
Waterlilies at the hotel entrance162 views
28:10:03 11:36.jpg
Singapore boat in the marina182 viewsTaken from our hotel balcony (we stayed at the Marina Mandarin) on the day we arrived in Singapore (28th October)
28:10:03 11:36_1.jpg
View from the balcony - Marina Mandarin Hotel172 viewsThe spikey domes are the Esplanade, an arts centre. The foundtain in front of them is the Merlion (Half-lion, half-fish) which is the symbol of SIngapore.
29:10:03 05:53.jpg
Little India in Singapore164 viewsThe Little India area really is like a part of india moved to a different city. We walked round Little India on 29th October.
29:10:03 05:55.jpg
Temple in Little India, SIngapore178 views
29:10:03 07:46.jpg
Shop in Little India, SIngapore161 views
29:10:03 09:00.jpg
Durian-seller, Chinatown, Singapore193 viewsTaken outisde the Chinatown Complex
29:10:03 09:24.jpg
Chinatown, SIngapore177 views
29:10:03 09:57.jpg
Inside the Marina Mandarin183 viewsThere are 22 storeys of terraces with (fake) ivy hanging over each balcony
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