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18:10:03 11:11.jpg
Sunset from the cliff184 viewsTaken from the edge of the hotel's cliff.
18:10:03 11:11_1.jpg
Sunset from the cliff165 views
18:10:03 11:12.jpg
Sunset from the cliff164 viewsMost of the sunsets we saw were actually the sun disappearing behind cloud on the horizon
18:10:03 11:12_1.jpg
The sunset glow164 views
18:10:03 11:12_2.jpg
The sunset glow183 views
18:10:03 11:13.jpg
The sunset glow185 views
18:10:03 11:13_1.jpg
The sunset glow165 views
18:10:03 11:13_2.jpg
Victoria at the cliff's edge watching the sunset171 views
18:10:03 11:14.jpg
Tanah Lot from the hotel cliff171 views
18:10:03 11:15.jpg
Waves crash in on the hotel "beach"171 views
18:10:03 11:15_1.jpg
Waves165 viewsThe hotel beach wasn't easily accessible, and wasn't really much good, being pounded by waves and mostly black volcanic sand , but with 4 pools, it didn't really matter
18:10:03 11:19.jpg
The hotel clifftop area.173 views
18:10:03 11:20.jpg
The hotel pool area167 views
19:10:03 03:21.jpg
Our raft174 viewsOn 19th Oct, we went white-water rafting with SOBEK. Vic and NIgel are at the back of the boat, with a Japanese couple taking the front.
19:10:03 03:21_1.jpg
A waterfall172 viewsDuring a brief break in the rafting, we stopped by this waterfall (having prviously been steered under it by our guide. The force of the cold water was quite amazing.
19:10:03 03:21_2.jpg
The other rafts168 viewsThe other rafts were all crewed by Japanese tourists
19:10:03 03:21_3.jpg
The next set of rough water176 views
19:10:03 03:21_4.jpg
Victoria goes rafting173 views
19:10:03 03:22.jpg
Nigel goes rafting184 viewsWIth an extreme closeup of Vic's finger
19:10:03 03:22_1.jpg
Nigel goes rafting - take 2177 views
19:10:03 03:22_2.jpg
Our rafting guide - Bobo189 views
19:10:03 03:22_3.jpg
Bobo and the Japanese couple193 viewsOur boat mates
19:10:03 04:55.jpg
Another raft168 viewsAnother company uses the same stretch of water, and their rafts came past our end point.
19:10:03 04:56.jpg
The view from the end of the rafting163 views
19:10:03 04:56_1.jpg
More rafts165 views
19:10:03 04:56_2.jpg
The view from the end of the rafting174 views
19:10:03 04:59.jpg
Man gets his beard tweezered out163 viewsTaken at the landing point after rafting
19:10:03 04:59_1.jpg
The landing point164 views
19:10:03 05:01.jpg
Victoria and Nigel after rafting245 views
19:10:03 05:05.jpg
Local hound164 viewsTaken at the rafting landing point
19:10:03 05:06.jpg
Same hound164 views
19:10:03 10:53.jpg
Kuta Beach sunset164 views
19:10:03 10:55.jpg
Kuta Beach sunset160 views
19:10:03 10:55_1.jpg
Kuta Beach sunset163 views
19:10:03 10:55_2.jpg
Kuta Beach sunset160 views
19:10:03 10:56.jpg
Kuta Beach sunset160 views
19:10:03 10:57.jpg
Kuta Beach sunset160 views
19:10:03 10:57_1.jpg
Kuta Beach sunset159 views
19:10:03 10:57_2.jpg
Kuta Beach sunset163 views
19:10:03 10:57_3.jpg
Kuta Beach sunset160 views
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