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17:10:03 03:21.jpg
And Sadewa transforms into the Barong, a force for good.165 views
17:10:03 03:21_1.jpg
The Barong168 viewsMore details about the Barong dance can be found at
17:10:03 03:24.jpg
The Kris dancers165 viewsThe Rangda put a spell on the soldiers which made them want to kill themselves using their Kris (sharp, wave-bladed knives). The Barong makes their bodies impervious to the blades.
17:10:03 04:57.jpg
The baths at the Elephant Cave165 views
17:10:03 05:10.jpg
The entrance to thg Elephant Cave162 views
17:10:03 05:10_1.jpg
The entrance to thg Elephant Cave159 views
17:10:03 06:03.jpg
Bananas growing on a plantation168 views
17:10:03 06:03_1.jpg
Papaya growing158 views
17:10:03 06:06.jpg
Coffee beans growing169 views
17:10:03 06:43.jpg
Mount Batur - the only active volcano on Bali166 viewsViewed from Kintamani
17:10:03 06:43_1.jpg
The lake by Mount Batur163 views
17:10:03 06:44.jpg
Another picture showing the slopes of Mount Batur165 viewsThe black lava flows from the last eruption are still clearly visible
17:10:03 06:45.jpg
Lake Batur160 views
17:10:03 07:19.jpg
Mount Batur162 viewsViewed from the restaurant where we had lunch in Kintamani
17:10:03 07:19_1.jpg
Some tourists at Kintamani163 views
17:10:03 07:25.jpg
Two other mountains viewed from Kintamani155 views
17:10:03 07:25_1.jpg
Mt Batur from the restaurant at Kintamani156 views
17:10:03 07:25_2.jpg
Lake Batur159 views
17:10:03 07:26.jpg
Victoria at Kintamani166 views
17:10:03 07:56.jpg
Rice terraces on the way to Ubud162 views
17:10:03 07:56_1.jpg
Palm tree161 views
17:10:03 07:56_2.jpg
Another view of the rice terraces176 views
17:10:03 07:56_3.jpg
Another view of the rice terraces158 views
17:10:03 09:54.jpg
Mopeds157 viewsTaken from inside the tour car (David, on the right, is driving, Resi, our guide, is on the left). Motorbikes and mopeds/scooters are everywhere in Bali. They're very commonly used to transport more than one person (we saw one with a family of 5 on it!). Quite often, girls wearing skirts will sit side-saddle on the back of bikes.
17:10:03 09:55.jpg
Another moped155 views
17:10:03 10:02_1.jpg
Victoria enjoys the ride153 views
17:10:03 10:02_2.jpg
Another motorbike156 views
18:10:03 03:46.jpg
The view from our hotel room balcony163 viewsThis is looking to the east
18:10:03 03:46_1.jpg
The view from our hotel room balcony160 viewsLooking south this time
18:10:03 03:46_2.jpg
The view from our hotel room balcony159 viewsAnd looking south west. One of the bungalow roofs can be seen.
18:10:03 03:46_3.jpg
The view from our hotel room balcony156 viewsAnd finally looking to the west. A new roof is being put onto one of the bungalows. That bit of blue between the two palm trees is the sea, so that means our room qualified as an Ocean View room. Bit tenuous if you ask me....
18:10:03 03:47.jpg
Bungalow and paths156 viewsMost of the hotel rooms were "Garden View" or "Ocean View" (like ours). There were some seperate bungalows which gave a bit more room, but we were very happy with our room.
18:10:03 03:47_1.jpg
Bungalow and paths157 views
18:10:03 03:47_2.jpg
Hotel sea view156 views
18:10:03 03:48.jpg
More palms at the hotel157 views
18:10:03 03:49.jpg
Hotel gardens174 views
18:10:03 10:36.jpg
Tanah Lot from the hotel reception area163 views
18:10:03 10:36_1.jpg
Tanah Lot from the hotel reception area158 views
18:10:03 10:37.jpg
Tanah Lot from the hotel reception area151 views
18:10:03 10:37_1.jpg
Victoria admires the view from the reception area,186 views
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