And so, the end is nigh!

The end of our amazing round-the-world trip that is.

We depart for Frankfurt on Wednesday afternoon, arriving Thursday morning, and a few hours later fly over to Manchester.

We’ve both really enjoyed Boston, especially the snow that fell on Sunday. We haven’t managed to cover all of the tourist sites we had hoped, but maybe we’ll be back in the future to visit those when it’s a bit warmer.

We’ve been up to Harvard and also MIT in Cambridge where we visited the MIT Museum. We walked round Boston Common in the snow on Sunday and visited the location of the “Cheers” bar.

On Tuesday we went to the Science Museum to visit the Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination exhibition and also did the “Jump to Light Speed” in the Milllenium Falcon cockpit mock-up.

Vic meets Chewbacca

Along with all that we did lots of shopping at the various discount stores in Boston, so I’m now well supplied with jeans, a new suit and coat.

Not sure when I’ll get to post again as we’re returning to my parents’ house in Cleethorpes for a while and then on to Vic’s folks in Bury St Edmunds.

Difficult to believe we’re finally returning to the UK, over 16 months since we left. We’ve had a fantastic time travelling and would recommend it to anyone. There’s so much out there to see, we only managed to see some of the things we wanted to. As you travel you hear about so many others things which would be great to do/see but time and budget are limited so we had to do what we could manage.

Now we have to work out what we’re going to next! Jobs and accommodation, I guess.

6 thoughts on “And so, the end is nigh!”

  1. Welcome back! Mebbe this means we can meet up again soon. We´re wintering in SPain at the mo´, but when we get back we´ve been promised some sort of Broadband! Who knows, it may even be true.

    Hope you enjoyed every bit of your odyssey…

    Bill & Jan

  2. Hi Nigel!

    I was randomly surfing around and thought of the good old days of looking at ANSI BBS pages on a superfast 9600bps modem, so I found your site. We met (I a spotty teenager, you an older spotty teenager) for drinks in sarf London and the occasional anorak fair during the course of the Arkham lifetime and I ran a fidonet node off your BBS.

    What a wonderful thing you guys have done! I’ve always wanted to travel the world, and hopefully do so one day. You’re right – there’s so much to see!

    Congratulations on getting hitched as well! Vic, are you “Flute”?

    I’m astonished that Fossil is still with us! That cat’s a living fossil!!

    Rock on!


  3. Great to hear from you, Ciaran. There are still lots of the old Fidonet folk about though I don’t know of anyone running an old-style BBS.

    Foss is 11 years old this year, he’s up at my parents place at the moment until we find somewhere else to live more permanently.

    Vic wasn’t “Flute”, that was Kirsteen, I think (all seems so long ago now).

    Everyone else: Thanks for the messages!

  4. Welcome back matey.

    Have enjoyed reading of your travels.

    Come back to London and entertain me with ere-be-dragons type tales over a pint soon.


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