Not this Lazyllama

Just to let anyone know who might be looking, I’m not the lazy-llama that sold but didn’t deliver festival tickets. I’m in Thailand at the moment, and my ebay account hasn’t been used for over a year (and it isn’t “lazy-llama” anyway).

I only found out that someone was using the similar name when my host got a text message asking for my details (!) and through looking at my web referrer logs.

More info about the other “‘lazy-llama’ is here

2 thoughts on “Not this Lazyllama”

  1. Hi Nigel and Vic: I’m assuming (hoping) that you’ve both left Bali far behind. I was working at home for most of the day (Saturday) today and was completely cut off from things etc. And just now (approx 10pm) I finished working – and went downstairs and turned on BBC TV news – and the headline story is bombings in Bali. Was dumbstruck. So close to the 3rd anniversary of the 2002 bombings – and yet more carnage. Very sad news. Glad to know that you have moved on from there. Please respond to confirm that this is indeed the case! Best regards – Jag

  2. Yeah, we’re safe and away from Bali, in Brisbane, Australia. Not had a chance to read about the bombings yet, but did hear someone mention them while we were out today.

    Another relatively near miss for us then.

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