Here’s to a good New Year

We’ve been following news reports about the tsunami and earthquake with great interest. Our plans were to head down to the coast of Kerala on 9th January, reports say everything is okay but we may go up to the hills and mountains in Kerala instead. After that, we might skip Pondicherry and try to get to Bangalore for our flight back to Delhi on 1st Feb.

Our next flight after that is scheduled to be the one to Sri Lanka, but we’ll wait a while to see how things develop there before working out what to do. We’d still like to go but if the country is still going to be in chaos, we’ll obviously have to skip it.

There have been more tsunami warnings here, which is a cause for some concern, but we’re looking forward to celebrating the New Year.

Our thanks to everyone who has sent emails or phoned to check that we’re okay. If anyone would like to donate to the disaster relief effort,you cando so via the International Red Cross web site.

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