Too Much Time

Stupid things I’ve been sent or found over the past week:-

* Happy Tree Friends – See cuddly cartoon animals horribly maimed
* Waste Paper Bin – Throw paper in the bin
* Bat the Penguin – What it says…
* Googlewhack – Been around for years but still a stupid way to pass time

I’ve found a few Googlewhacks myself, but I suspect that if I list them here they’ll cease to be.

I’ve also finally got my pointed at this server. Not that anyone will notice….

It’s snowing outside now, and the cat wants feeding (one of those is more unusual than the other… can you guess?). We’ve changed the little git’s food as he’s recovered from his blocked bladder and lost a lot of weight. He’s still on a special diabetic food but I don’t think he’s actually diabetic, just lazy. The new wet food is sloppier and he gets some dry stuff too, and he’s very confused by it all. He hasn’t worked out that mealtimes should remain at the same time as they were before, even though he gets different food. He thinks that the new food regime should be made available in plentiful helpings several times per day, on demand. And this cat knows how to demand!

Braving the freezing cold tonight to go and meet up with Danny and some other ex-Netscallies. If I don’t return, check the snow drifts around The Market Porter near London Bridge.

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