Garbage - Version 2.0 (1998)
Length 49:34
Format CD
Genre General Alternative
Label Almo Sounds/Universal
Index 453
Collection Status In Collection
Track List
1 Temptation Waits 4:36
2 I Think I'm Paranoid 3:38
3 When I Grow Up 3:24
4 Medication 4:08
5 Special 3:43
6 Hammering In My Head 4:52
7 Push ItIt contains an interpolation of "Don't Worry Baby" written by Brian Wilson and Roger Christian. It contains an interpolation of "Push It" written by Herbie Azor. 4:02
8 The Trick Is To Keep Breathing 4:11
9 Dumb 3:50
10 Sleep Together 4:03
11 Wicked Ways 3:43
12 You Look So Fine 5:24
Rating 70
Live No
Spars DDD
Rare No
Sound Stereo
Shirley Manson appears courtesy of Radioactive. Todd Malcolm Michiles appears courtesy of Warner Bros. Records. This album was recorded on a 48-track Digidesign Pro Tools System run on an Apple 9500 / 200 Power Mac and two 24-track Studer A-827 2" analog tape machines. Thanks to all the following for their help: Lance Abair, Brent Anderson @ Zildjian, Jimmy Archey @ Gibson, Ernie Ball, Sean Beresford @ Mesa/Boogie, Christopher Bock @ Digidesign, Del Breckenfeld and Alex Perez @ Fender, Larry Brooks @ Seymour Duncan, Pat Brown @ Promark, Tim Cadiente, Steve Gorney, Dean Markley, Scott Mundy @ DW, Paul Moses @ Matchless, Michael Papp @ Summit Audio, Shure Brothers, Inc, Andy Timmons and Mary An Yeager @ Ampeg. We'd also like to thank: Billy Bush (for absolutely everything), Jerry and Annie Moss (for Friday Harbour), Kelsy Boyd, Mighty Mike, Ernie, Lonya, Mark and Doug @ Smart Studios, Michael Gudinski and the whole posse down under, Paul Kremen, Pam Hughes and all the Almo animals. Wez, Ade, Rob, Brigham and all the mushroom crew. Lance Freed, Daniel Shulman, Meredith Cork, Shannon O'Shea, Chrissie Hynde, Brian Wilson, Roger Christian, Sam Bayer, Stephane Sednaoui, Ruthie Trouble, Janice Galloway for the use of the title "The Trick Is To Keep Breathing" from her book of that name as published by Vintage/Dalkey Archive, Ellen Von Unwerth, Smashing Pumpkins, Jason Bentley, The Fun Lovin' Criminals, Kent Hartman, Rabbit In The Moon, Harald Kohl, Harold Danker, Phil Dannemann, Russell Fischer, Jerry Fitzgerald, J Harman, Thaddeus and Suzanna, Polara, William Baker, Jimo Salako, Nina Frykberg, Acetone, Mirelle Davis, Gina Monaci, Nellee Hooper, Ellynne Citron, Citizen King, Karl Lavine, Bill Berrol, David Ravden, Bernie Gudvi, Matthew Austin, Sarah Adams, Stuart Bridgeman, Steve Tandy, Lars Tetens and everyone @ Cafe Montmartre, The Tornado Room, New Orleans Take Out, Wasabi and the Ancora Coffee House, Madison, Wisconsin. Also thanks to everyone who worked especially hard on our behalf @ all the recording, publishing and distribution companies involved around the world. You know who you are and so do we. Enhance the trance. Butch thanks: Beth Halper, Doc, Betty and the entire Vig clan and Patty Lew. Duke thanks: Stephanie, El and Carrie and the whole family . Shirley thanks: Eddie, Mum and Dad, Lindy-Jayne and Sarah, Cindy, Paul, Pam, Jim M and Jennifer G, Bill Mullen and Gary Kurfirst. Steve thanks: Cindy, Mom, my sisters, Uncle John, and all the family. Finally our gratitude goes out to all Garbage fans. A+R: Korda Marshall and Bob Bortnick. Art direction: Garbage. Design: Ade Britteon. 3D: Michael Faherty @ Modelbox UK Ltd. Band photograph: Stephanie Sednaoui. Management: Gary Borman and Steve Moir @ Borman/Moir Entertainment, Los Angeles, California, USA and Paul Boswell @ Free Trade Agency, London, UK. For more information on Garbage please visit our website @