De La Soul - Art Official Intelligence: Mosaic Thump (2000)
De La Soul
Length 66:36
Format CD
Genre General Hip Hop; Ambient Alternative
Label Tommy Boy
Index 35
Collection Status In Collection
Track List
1 Spitkicker.Com 1:18
2 U Can Do (Life) 4:24
3 My Writes (featuring Tash/J-Ro) 5:30
4 Oooh. (featuring Redman) 5:20
5 Thru Ya City (featuring D.V. Alias Khrist) 3:32
6 I.C. Y'All (featuring Busta Rhymes) 3:20
7 View 4:19
8 Set The Mood (featuring Indeed) 4:23
9 All Good? (featuring Chaka Khan) 4:58
10 Declaration 2:59
11 Squat! (featuring Mike D/Ad Rock) 4:11
12 Words From The Chief Rocker 1:01
13 With Me 4:51
14 Copa (Cabanga) 4:05
15 Foolin' 4:21
16 Art Of Getting Jumped, The 3:48
17 U Don't Wanna B.D.S. (featuring Freddie Foxxx) 4:16
Rating 70
Live No
Spars DDD
Rare No
Sound Stereo
Notes /// Thank You's
POS /// My history: All my family (thank you all for your love) /// My best part: Ayana, Nayo, Kasai (a father could not ask for more beautiful children) / My patience: Denise (I love you and thank you for your patience through my absence & my nonsense) / My back: Dave, Maseo, Luck, Keynovar (Nuff Said) / My peeps: C. Smyth (we were twins in another time) thank you for overstanding our vision. Dav West (Supa Produca!!). Effron, as african as chowdah!!! Shaw!!! And Gerald Yarn (I love and miss you bitchin)
My yes men:...don't have any...good
My bizz: T-Boy (let's put krazee glue n our hands, so we don't drop the ball, please!) let's do this, Davis and Shapiro, Bert Padell (I owe you a tie), Scott "Jet Master" Padell, Jake Fine & Bill Mander
My name: Posdnuos, Plug Won, Wonder Why, Lamah or Mercenery. It's not "De La" that's the name of the group. It's 2000 already! Get it right!!
Dave's Long Ass Thank You's: Mom & Dad thanx so much. Hey Mike & Sandy thanx for keepin me in line, Merc & Mase, can't thank y'all enough. To the ladies in my life, Asia I love you, Vicki I love you, thank you both 4 being in my life, couldn't be me with out you both. Wanna thank the following 4 ya support, help & friendship: Fudge Love, Dullah, Nag, EF..."Chowdah", Wall Street, Shateek, Shell Council, Philly Blackout Peace. Corey Smyth, thanks 4 the friendship nigga. Gunz, hey lady. Tonie (Warlock to me), Shelly, Blak Duck (Quack). Truth...miss you my nigga! Keynovar (adaabess!) Peace to everyone who performed or produced on the album. Your art helped make our art "Art Official". This album would not have been bumpin' without the wizardry of Troy Hightower. Look out Troy...Kevin Lewis, "Engineer of the Near Future". Peace Kev, Chris, Anthony, Dave and Kial. T-Boy let's do this...Thanx Tom. Special thanx to The Beastie Boys. Peace! 1 down 2 to go Bert. Cookieeees!!! Ya'll ain't hungry..
Maseo: Special thanks love and blessings to: God, my wife Tina - I love you with all my heart and soul, my three sons: Marcus, Trence, Chauncey and my beautiful new daughter, Dayo. The Mason Family, Anthony, Patricia, Ebony, Ma Dukes, Justine Mason, Natasha Mason, Cliff, Vincent Mason and special thanks to my De La Family (Dave and Pos: I love you guys forever, taught me a lot), my Bear Mountain Family, El Presentente, Maghony, D.V., Kovas, Wayne Wright, Dre, Al, Al B., Truth Enola, All Mighty Zulu Nation, Nation of Islam, Christians & anyone who is on the path of seeking God. Peace and blessings to all and to the fans thank you for everything!!! Much love to you all.

Credit Information:

All songs recorded at Mirror Image Studios (9th Ave.) New York, NY
All songs mixed at Mirror Image Studios (9th Ave.) New York, NY except for Foolin which was mixed at Mirror Image (Times Square) New York, NY
All songs mixed by Troy (Sensei) Hightower except for Foolin which was mixed by Tim Latham
Mastered by: Tom Coyne
Mastered at Sterling Sound Studios New York, New York
Executive Producers: De La Soul
A&R Direction: Kim Spikes
A&R Coordination: Lisa Aird
A&R Administration: Jennifer McGee
Art Direction and Design: Kevin Wolahan
Photography: Mo Daoud
Image Consultant: Kevin McGuire
Styling: Linda Belkebir
Grooming: Tanya Pacht @ Ultra
Design Assistance: Thomas "Kool G" Lynch
Business Affairs: Pauline Martin, Brian Robinson and Michelle Bayer
Artist Development: Ian Steaman
Sample Clearance: Music Resources and DMG, Inc.
Blacksmith Management, Inc. (212) 586-2112

Guest Appearances:

Tash, J-Ro and Xzibit appear courtesy of Loud Records, LLC
Scratch appears courtesy of MCA Records
Redman appears courtesy of The Island Def Jam Music Group
Pharaohe Monch appears courtesy of Rawkus Entertainment
Busta Rhymes appears courtesy of Elektra Entertainment Group
Phife appears courtesy of Groove Attack
Chaka Khan appears courtesy of Earth Song Entmnt.
Mike D. and Ad Rock of the Beastie Boys appear courtesy of Grand Royal/Capitol Records
Black Thought of The Root