Happy Mondays - Bummed (1988)
Happy Mondays
Length 37:27
Format CD
Genre Brit Pop; Alternative Pop/Rock; Alternative Dance; Madchester / Rave
Label Factory
Index 297
Collection Status In Collection
Track List
1 Country Song 3:24
2 Moving In With 3:36
3 Mad Cyril 4:36
4 Fat Lady Wrestlers 3:25
5 Performance 4:09
6 Brain Dead 3:10
7 Wrote For Luck 6:05
8 Bring A Friend 3:45
9 Do It Better 2:29
10 Lazy Itis* 2:48
Price £ 12.00
Rating 70
Links Amazon UK
Live No
Spars AAD
Rare No
Sound Stereo
UPC 5016839502207
Review by Stephen Thomas Erlewine
Happy Mondays first essayed their fusion of dance-club beats, hip-hop, funk, and rock & roll on Bummed. A considerable improvement from the unfocused Squirrel and G-Man, Bummed is slightly inconsistent, but the group's sound is beginning to gel. In particular, Shaun Ryder's incoherent bluster of non sequiturs, surreal imagery, and verbal threats is coming into its own, and it adds a sense of menace to dark grooves like "Lazy Itis," "Mad Cyril," and "Wrote for Luck." The latter was remixed by Vince Clarke after the album's release, and the new version, which was included on later pressings, was the hardest dance tune Happy Mondays had yet attempted, suggesting the direction they would follow on their next album.