Propaganda - A Secret Wish (1985)
Length 48:23
Format CD
Genre Brit Pop
Label ZTT
Index 1150
Collection Status In Collection
Track List
1 Dream Within A Dreameat you up, I'll eat you up... 8:04
2 The Murder Of LoveArtist : Goethes Erben 5:18
3 JewelArtist : Goethes Erben 6:22
4 Duelwhy, so quiet by the glow, so quiet by the window, napping at the whirring of the wheel wind, like a crying child, like a baby cries, carry me. the silly dogs danced the polka. 4:48
5 Frozen Faces 4:25
6 P-Machineryspoon spoon stir stir me stir me everything to eat with silver tongue, make a dish for for a king chief cook did blanch and brew a menu full of things bite one was full of dirt, bite two was hot as fire, bite three did quench the hot and send the platters to the sky. spoon, stir me everything. 3:50
7 Sorry For Laughingwhat stirs everything, such fragrant fire. bite one, no more high command bite two, no more blackened hand bite three, you're out, you're burning down. 3:27
8 Dr. MabuseArtist : Goethes Erben 5:04
9 The ChaseBuzzy Bus 4:05
10 Strength To Dreamdo I dream? my brain doth whirl 3:00
Rating 70
Live No
Spars DDD
Rare No
Sound Stereo
Patsy 003