Eminem - The Slim Shady LP (1999)
Length 59:39
Format CD
Genre General Rap; Rap Core
Label Interscope
Index 89
Collection Status In Collection
Track List
1 Public service announcement 0:33
2 My name is 4:28
3 Guilty conscience 3:19
4 Brain damage 3:46
5 Paul 0:15
6 If I had 4:05
7 97' Bonnie & Clyde 5:16
8 Bitch 0:19
9 Role model 3:25
10 Lounge 0:46
11 My fault 4:01
12 Ken Kaniff 1:16
13 Cum on everybody 3:39
14 Rock bottom 3:34
15 Just don't give a fuck 4:02
16 Soap 0:34
17 As the world turns 4:25
18 I'm Shady 3:31
19 Bad meets evil 4:13
20 Still don't give a fuck 4:12
Rating 70
Live No
Spars ADD
Rare No
Sound Stereo
Interscope Records A&R Direction: Dean Geistlinger & D.J. Mormile
Web A&R Direction: WEndy Ellen Bass and Even K. Bogart and Eric Porter and Alan Young
Web A&R Assistant: Karen Pinegar
Interscope Records Product Manager: Michelle Thomas
Director of Operations for Dr. Dre: Larry Chatman
Aftermath/Interscope Project Coordinator: Kirdis Tucker
Eminem Management: Paul "Bunyan" Rosenberg, Esq. for Cutler & Sedlmayr, LLP
FBT Productions Management: Joel Martin
FBT Productions Legal: Howard Hertz
Illustration: Skam2? and Super Manu
Photography: Danielle Hastings and Christopher McCann
Art Direction and Design: Mark LeRoy @ True Interactive
Production Coordinator: Les Scurry

Thank You's: Dr. (Muthafucka I'm) Dre, Paul "Bunyan" Rosenberg, Marky & Jeff Bass, Jimmy Iovine, Wendy Day (Rap Coalition), Royce The 5'9", D.J. Head, D.J. Rec, Denine Porter, D.J. Butterfingers, Bizarre, Wendy Bass, My Outsidaz family (Young Zee, Pacewon, Slang Ton, Loon One, D.U., Aziz, Yah Lovah & Rah Digga), Proof, Houseshooz, Skam2? and Shadow (Old World Disorder), Elzhi, Fuzz Scoota ('99 crop-pick!), Da Brigade, Evan Bogart, Dee Tee, Shabaam Sahdeeq, A.L., Kwest the Mad Lad, Thirstin' Howl, III, Wordsworth, D.J. Spinna, Rawkus Records, Stretch Armstrong, Bobbito & Lord Sear, Jon Shecter & Game Recordings, Wall Street: Fugue the Wiseguy, X-Government Agent, Jah The 5'9", The Hobbit & B.O., D.J. Avee, Fat Beats, Sandbox Distribution, Kalodge Projects (Lyricist Lounge: Danny Castro, Anthony Marshall, Blue, Wise & Perry), Duck Down Records (Dru Ha & Buckshot), Reef, Todd James, Kino Childrey, Eric Rhea, Marc Kempf, Sway & Tech, The Wake Up Show staff, The Baker Boys, Anonymous, Jaydee & Slum Village, The High & Mighty, Da Ruckus (Hush & Ill), Federation Records, HipHopSite.Com (Warren Peace & Mista Pizzo), B-Flat & Dirty Ratt, Rick Posada, 8-Off the Assasin, Wyclef Jean, Busta Rhymes, Missy Elliot, Timbaland, Danja Mowf, The Madd Rapper, Limp Bizkit, Dean Geistlinger, D.J. Marmille & Interscope Records Staff, Larry Solters, Anna & Snoop Marketing, Rene McLean, Riggs Morales & The Source, Blaze, Stress, RapPages, Vibe, Spin, Hip Hop Connection, Interview, Rolling Stone, & all the other magazines and writers that chose to show me love (to the ones that slept: fuckoff), Aftermath Entertainment, Mike Lynne, Kirdis Tucker, Mel Man, Segall, Hitman, 6'2", The D.O.C., 88HipHop.Com, Theodor K. Sedlmayr & Randy Cutler, WUSB (D.L. & Emmo), P-Love, Everyone on Runyon, Shorty, Eye Kyu, Infamenace, Frogg, The Rabeez, Third Kind, Theory 13, Greed, Scrap, Nacho, Manix, Laswonzout, Hieroglyphics, Wu-Tang, Kosek, Jason Mallory, Blak, Becky, Chris & Melodic Militia, Butter & Funkyfreshinthaflesh, D.J. Q, Slimfaz, Family Function & Blue Collar, Jay-Luv, Crush Rus, Mike & Harry at Record Time, John King & Grooveyard, Eric at Showtime, Alvin's, Gilbert's restaurant & Fozzi Moto, Ron Baccardi (dad), Alvin's, Brandon Gross, Ebony Showcase, J.U.I.C.E., Rhymefest, Skribble Jam, D.J. Dez, Phil Black, Justin, Mustafa, Lynn Pompey, Mark Hicks, Shawn P. Eklypse, Vitamin C, Johnathan, Adam, Snafu, Jamie, Kim, my little brother Nate and my Mother.

To the people I forgot, you weren't on my mind for some reason and you probably don't deserve any thanks anyway.

To all the people who never gave love and continue to deny me 'cuz of what I look like: suck my dick you fucks!!!