Sleeper - The It Girl (1996)
Length 45:54
Format CD
Genre General Rock
Label Indolent Records
Index 985
Collection Status In Collection
Track List
1 Lie Detector 2:31
2 Sale Of The Century 4:29
3 What Do I Do Now 3:41
4 Good Luck Mr Gorsky 4:05
5 Feeling Peaky 2:54
6 Shrinkwrapped 4:46
7 Dress Like Your Mother 2:34
8 Statuesque 3:23
9 Glue Ears 4:46
10 Nice Guy Eddie 3:20
11 Stop Your Crying 3:35
12 Factor 41 2:58
13 Click...Off...Gone 2:52
Rating 70
Live No
Spars DDD
Rare No
Sound Stereo
Although it lacks a standout track on the level of Smart's "Inbetweener," Sleeper's second album, The It Girl, is a stronger effort, suggesting that lead singer/songwriter Louise Wener could develop into a distinctive talent. Certainly, her melodies and hooks are uniformly better this time around, ranging from the bouncy "Sale of the Century" to the sighing melancholy of "What Do I Do Now?" Wener's lyrics continue to be underdeveloped and simplisitic, but her hooks usually make that tendency easy to ignore. What would have made The It Girl an even stronger album is a clearer, more focused production. Although the sound of the album changes subtlely throughout the course of the record, the overall effect is numbingly similar. The rhythm section lacks drive and the guitars lack balls - they blend together into one dull grind. Out of all of Stephen Street's productions, this is the most undistinguished. Occasionally, the song is strong enough to compensate for the flat production, but Sleeper albums will not only improve according to the development of Louise Wener's songwriting, but also as the band finds the right producer