Chemical Brothers - Surrender (1999)
Chemical Brothers
Length 58:53
Format CD
Genre Drum n' Bass/Jungle; Club Dance
Label Astralwerks
Index 889
Collection Status In Collection
Track List
1 Music: Response 5:19
2 Under The Influence 4:16
3 Out Of Control 7:19
4 Orange Wedge 3:06
5 Let Forever Be 3:56
6 The Sunshine Underground 8:38
7 Asleep From Day 4:47
8 Got Glint? 5:26
9 Hey Boy Hey Girl 4:50
10 Surrender 4:30
11 Dream On 6:46
Rating 70
Live No
Spars DDD
Rare No
Sound Stereo
All tracks written by Rowlands/Simons except track 1 written by Rowlands/Simons/Missy 'Misdemeanor' Elliott/Tim Mosley/A. Richards, track 3 written by Rowlands/Simons/Sumner, track 5 written by Rowlands/Simons/Gallagher, track 6 written by Rowlands/James Asher, track 7 written by Rowlands/Simons/Sandoval, track 8 written by Rowlands/Simons/B. Fevre/J. Giordano, track 9 written by Rowlands/Simons/Wigfall/Fowler/Pettiford/Evens/Bloodrock & track 11 written by Rowlands/Simons/Donahue.

Track 1 published by MCA Music Ltd/Mass Confusion Music/Warner Chappell Music/Virginia Beach Music (ASCAP)/Latte Publishing, tracks 2, 4 and 10 are published by MCA Music Ltd., track 3 published by MCA Music Ltd/PolyGram Music Publishing Ltd, track 5 published by MCA Music Ltd./Oasis Music/Creation Songs Ltd/Sony/ATV Music Publishing, track 6 published by MCA Music Ltd/Studio G Ltd, track 7 published by MCA Music Ltd/Sand Devil Music (BMI), track 8 published by MCA Music Ltd/Remipa Publishing, track 9 published by JD Music/Global Music/MCA Music Ltd and track 11 published by MCA Music Ltd/Canaveral Pictures (BMI).

Track 1 features samples from Nicole's recording 'Make It Hot'. Produced under license from Elektra Entertainment Group by arrangement with Warners Special Products. Track 3 vocals and guitar by Bernard Sumner. Features additional vocals by Bobby Gillespie. Track 6 contains a sample from the recording 'Asian Workshop' by James Asher, licensed courtesy of Studio G. Track 7 features vocals by Hope Sandoval. Track 8 contains a sample from the recording 'Earthmessage' licensed courtesy of Amplitude. Track 9 contains a sample from the recording 'The Roof Is On Fire' by Rockmaster Scott and The Dynamic Three, licensed courtesy of Danya Records Ltd. Track 11 features vocals, guitar and piano by Jonathan Donahue, Jonathan Donahue of Mercury Rev appears courtesy of V2 Records. Noel Gallagher appears courtesy of SINE a division of Sony Music Entertainment (UK) Ltd. Bobby Gillespie appears courtesy of Creation Records. Hope Sandoval appears courtesy of Capitol Records.

The Players: Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons.
The Producers: The Chemical Brothers.
The Engineer: Steve Dub.
The Assistants: Jon 'False Diamond' Collyer, Ray Mascarenas.
Art Direction: Blue Source and The Chemical Brothers.
Screenprints by Kate Gibb.
Recorded at Orinoco Studios, South London.
Edited with Cheeky Paul at Berwick Street Studios, Soho.
Mastered by Mike Marsh at The Exchange.

Extra supa dupa thanx to Bernard Sumner, Bobby Gillespie, Noel Gallagher, Hope Sandoval, Jonathan Donahue and 'The Funky Horns', MBL, EC1, Virgin, Astralwerks, The vegetable Visionaries, all at Orinoco Studios, Stuart James, Aaron Cripps, Matt Cox, Mark at Resolution and to all our friends.