Oasis - (What's The Story) Morning Glory? (1995)
Length 50:03
Format CD
Genre General Rock
Label Creation Records
Index 792
Collection Status In Collection
Track List
1 Hello 3:22
2 Roll With It 3:59
3 Wonderwall 4:18
4 Don't Look Back in Anger 4:47
5 Hey Now! 5:41
6 (Untitled) 0:44
7 Some Might Say 5:28
8 Cast No Shadow 4:51
9 She's Electric 3:40
10 Morning Glory 5:03
11 (Untitled) 0:40
12 Champagne Supernova 7:30
Rating 70
Live No
Spars DDD
Rare No
Sound Stereo
The Band;
Liam Gallagher - Vocals
Noel Gallagher - Lead Guitar, Vocals, Mellotron, Piano & E Bow
Paul Arthurs - Rhythm Guitar, Mellotron & Piano
Paul McGuigan _ The Bass Player
Alan White - Drums & Percussion

Oasis internet: http://www.cts.come/browse/ginger

All songs by Noel Gallagher coyright 1995 Sony Songs, Inc (BMI)/Creation Songs Ltd./Sony Music Publishing UK Ltd. All rights administered by Sony Music Publishing, 8 Music Square West, Nashville TN. All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission.
"Hello" by Noel Gallagher, Gary Glitter and Mike Leander copyright 1995 Sony Songs Inc. (BMI)/Creation Songs Ltd./Sony Music Publishing UK Ltd. All rights administered by Sony Music Publishing, 8 Music Square West, Nashville TN. All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission. "Hello" excerpt taken from "Hello, Hello, I'm Back Again" by Gary Glitter and Mike Leander. Published by MCA Music Ltd.
Epic Records Group. copyright 1995 Sony Music Entertainment (UK) Ltd./Published 1995 Sony Music Entertainment (UK) Ltd./Manufactured by Epic. A Division of Sony Music/ New York NY./All Rights Reserved. Unauthroized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.

Thanx to;
Marcus Russell & all at Ignition. Alan McGee, Johnny Hopkins, Christine Wanless & all at Creation. The Abbotts Tim & Chris (Your time is gonna come!) The Keighley Cougars - Jason Rhodes & Roger Nowell. Last but not least all our Mams.
Eternal respect to P.W. & P.H. "Cast No Shadow" is dedicated to the genius of Richard Ashcroft. Paul Weller appears courtesy of Go! Discs. Thanx until next time...

A microdot sleeve; Designed & Directed by Brian Cannon. Assisted by Matthew Sankey. All Photography by Michael Spencer Jones & Starring Sean Rowley.

"Coming down off the nova somewhere near the boiled egg that is the Royal Albert Hall, we watch Paul's sun crossed with John's star and hold ice cream hands. Someone slipped on a cassette as the one you wanted left with someone else but somehow it was cool because as the music filled the shadows, you heard a sound that was a million miles away from fakery and a step away from your heart.

Just like it always did, this sound puts the swagger back into your step, the rush into your blood but somehow, and I don't know how, they had become deeper, wider, soulful, better at their craft, inspired by so many things like a world that is tilting who knows where and the applause they always knew was theirs but waited so impatiently to receive. Words cut you from all angles, back up by a monumental sound that rises high, high and high to crash against your rocks and then changes, majestically and magically to soothe the wounds inside.

As you are dragged inside on this trip abandon, you hear a council estate singing its heart out, you hear the clink of loose change that is never enough to buy what you need, boredom and poverty, hours spent with a burnt out guitar, dirty pubs and cracked up pavements, violence and love, all rolled into one, and now all this.

At the end you flip over and start again because now you are not isolated. They have gone to work so that you can go home. High above the day turns pink and you feel your feet lift above the ground as new roads open up in front of you. In this town the jury is always rigged but the people know. They always know the truth. Believe. Belief. Beyond. Their morning glory." P.H. in the summer of '95