Shriekback - Naked Apes & Pond Life (2000)
Length 42:07
Format CD
Genre General Alternative; Progressive Rock
Label Mushroom
Index 775
Collection Status In Collection
Track List
1 Stimulate The Beaded Hamster 1:16
2 Pond LifeAll you spacemen gather 'round This is what we done found: Barraccuda with their brides all barking mad and hog tied Levitation, silent prayer, the stick people and the dancing bears Hack their heads off, crawl inside All you see is idiotic pride Six times underneath the knife all the naked apes and pond life I said the bitch, the pig, their lawyers and me all work together and we're gonna be free I said to Jesus one more time "Do that stuff you do with the water and the wine" Hot jelly, fresh lime, data stream and sex crime With the blackened teeth and the stick sound The crepuscular runaround I had my share of trouble and strife and all those naked apes and pond life Monkey see the monkey, monkey make his move Monkey do the damage that the monkey gonna do Monkey desecration, monkey making tools Stick it to the monkey, break the monkey balls Monkey see the monkey, monkey make his move Monkey do the damage that the monkey gonna do Monkey desecration, monkey making tools Stick it to the monkey, break the monkey balls Flesh landslide bones and hearts, head lice and sex parts Chicken salad running around spilling their jizz on the consecrated ground God's cadaver lying there Check its pulse and comb its hair, plug its asshole, disclocate the spine, scrape it all off and tell me what you find Ape rabies, the chimp wife All the naked apes and pond life 4:04
3 HostageI will sample you off, I will take you my hostage, I will think of some names Oh yeah, bring your hooligan gods, your second hand language, and your dangerous games I will struggle with nets, keep my feet in the water You're out there swimming around, swimming around Your ridiculous fears: I know how to allay them I can smile and be sweet I will punish your crimes, I will warmly embrace you I will sing you to sleep... Hush now Stir this all around and around Stir this all around and around Stir this all around and around I will wait your return, I will watch from my window I will sweep off the snow I will trample your corn, hold my arms out for ever I can't leave you alone, oh no I will bandage your hands, I will drink of your horrors I will push you around I will lick off your tears, I will dress you in flowers Oh yeah, I love you to bits, love you to bits 4:12
4 Invisible RaysI had a dream I walked the desert I saw a virgin and a lion They took me to the holy mountain and showed to me all of these signs I saw the fire upon the water I saw the blight upon the land I walked ten thousand miles to tell you The things I saw are now at hand Chorus Jihad, invisible rays, killing boxes, cold fire, number war, the woman of gold, hard shadow, broken light They took the god child from the cradle They built the tower on the shore They killed the king and took his young wife and gave her fortune to the whore O You who hear me now bear witness These words come not a day too soon: Your tears will fall like flowing rivers upon the waters of the moon Chorus Jihad, invisible rays, killing boxes, cold fire, number war, the woman of gold, hard shadow, broken light 3:48
5 Claxon Bolus 1:36
6 Massive Custard 1:44
7 Jp8 2:17
8 BerlinHe was walking at night, mixing himself with the shadows, running blue veined caged tight fast past the flesh windows, and he was not expecting anything not the angel choir inside his head or the litmus test of doves But there they were! And he felt the rolling fever hands of light upon him, felt the beady eyes of the night upon his back and everything he said turned into something else everything he said turned into something else... And he said "What kind of beast am I?" And he said "Who brings the tablets down this mountain?" And he said "Is this where I live?" And he said "Ah, sometimes I feel so full!" And a voice answered saying "You are an aerial hung up to the Divine, "You are a beach for the "waves of the world to crash on, "You are the spilt wine.... "You are the spilt wine at the table of the gods" And through the wet streets of the city, washed bloody with the warfare of the ghosts there is a shining something there is a shining something and Death is only one of its faces, Love is only one of its faces And he said "I will be a testament to this "I will be consumed in this. "I will be a run of sparks "around the coils of this labyrinth. "I am the roar of the bees in summer "I am a winged victory "and this is my epiphany!" I am a winged victory and this is my epiphany 4:50
9 unSongUnthinkable designs, unbearable decisions Unquestionable pain, unprepossesing features Inpenetrable signs, unfounded accusations Unskillful states of mind, unsettling misgivings Undisciplined retreats, unscientific methods Unburyable guilt, unmurmuring surrender Unpardonable faults, unbudgeable positions Implausible events, unpalatable findings Chorus Unsound Unsound Unsound Unsound Unscrupulous deceits, unwitting acts of kindness Unsystematic thought, untraceable descendents Unwholesome points of view, insufferable insults Unprecedented moves, unseasonable weather Insatiable desires, untenable proposals Unenviable loss, unstopable collisions Unnatural delights, unwarranted reprisals Imponderable ideas, unvalidated parking Chorus Unsound Unsound Unsound Unsound The unwaged, the unscathed, the unproud, the unbowed The unhinged, the unbared, the unloved, the undead...... Innumerable crimes, unlimited distractions Intolerable weakness, unfathomable reasons Unchivalrous displays, unornamented violence Inalianable rights, unquestioning compliance Unmannerly behaviour, ungovernable impulse Unbridgable divides, interminable pleasure Untested wonder drugs, unmissable attractions Incredible excitement, unmitigated bullshit Unveiled machinations unsparing of your feelings Unmediated voltage, unattenuated input Uncheckable conclusions, unreasonable exactions Invidious assignments, invincible diseases Chorus Unsound Unsound Unsound Unsound 4:12
10 Baby Lion 3:00
11 Everything's On FireYou all get up and make the tea, everything's on fire You kiss your lover tenderly, everything's on fire Horny little devils, happy little souls May as well put your faith in rock and roll The bed you sleep on's made of coal, everything's on fire Yo, anorak boys in archive land, everything's on fire Get all the backup that you can, everything's on fire Optical and hard disk smouldering away Nothing gonna keep the fire at bay Protect your data while ye may, everything's on fire Pretty little things out on the scene, everything's on fire Burn up fast as gasoline, everything's on fire Supermodel cheekbones, equity and cash Milliseconds later piles of ash Don't take no time to bang from flash, everything's on fire Everything around you gonna fry, everything's on fire You can't extinguish although you try, everything's on fire Hit them with a hose pipe, throw 'em in the sea, stick 'em where the deluge gonna be, still burning up as far as I can see, everything's on fire 4:26
12 String, Sedatives, Weaponry 1:42
13 Keep-Net Stevenson 3:26
14 Anal Piss-Machine 1:34
Rating 70
Live No
Spars DDD
Rare No
Sound Stereo