Moby - Play (1999)
Length 63:05
Format CD
Genre General Techno
Label V2
Index 756
Collection Status In Collection
Track List
1 Honey 3:29
2 Find My Baby 3:59
3 Porcelain 4:01
4 Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad? 4:24
5 Southside 3:49
6 Rushing 3:00
7 Bodyrock 3:36
8 Natural Blues 4:13
9 Machete 3:37
10 7 1:02
11 Run On 3:45
12 Down Slow 1:34
13 If Things Were Perfect 4:18
14 Everloving 3:25
15 Inside 4:48
16 Guitar Flute and String 2:09
17 The Sky Is Broken 4:18
18 My Weakness 3:38
Rating 70
Live No
Spars DDD
Rare No
Sound Stereo
Album design by Ysabel Zu Innhausen un Knyphausen
Photography by Corinne Day.
Honey: features samples from the Bessie Jones recording Sometimes, produced under license from Atlantic Recording Corp. By arrangement with Warner Special Products.
Find My Baby: features samples from the Boy Blue recording Jo Lee's Rock, produced under licinse from Atlantic Recording Corp. By arrangement with Warner Special Poducts.
Porcelain: Additional vocals by Pilar Basso.
Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad: features vocals by the shining Light Gospel Choir.
Bodyrock: contains a sample of Love Rap as performed by Spoony G & The Treacherous 3. Used under license from Enjoy Records, Inc. Additional Vocals by Nikki D.
Natural Blues: features samples from the Vera Hall Recording "Trouble So Hard", produced under license from Atlantic Recording Corp. by arrangement with Warner Specials Products.
Run On: features samples from Run On For A Long Time by Bill Landford & The Landfordaires, used courtesy of Sony Music.
If Things Were Perfect: Additional vocals by Reggie Matthews
Thanks to: Christiano Avigni, Pablo Cook, Gregg DeMammos, Harvey Eagle, Scott Frassetto, Eric Harle, Ali McMordie, Daniel Miller, Mute Records, Michael Patterson, Rikki Price, Murray Ricman, Joe Serling, Gwen Steffani, Barry Taylor, Tom & Rob, V2, Seve Walsh, Maci Weber, Kevin Weremeychik, Ysabel, and Jesus Christ. Speacial thanks to the Lomaxes and all of the archivists and music historians whose field recordings made this record possible.
North American management: MCT. Fax 212 315 4601
European management: DEF. Fax UK 0171 221 2529
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