The Art Of Noise - The Seduction Of Claude Debussy (1999)
The Art Of Noise
Length 80:50
Format CD
Genre Club Dance; General Dance
Label ZTT
Index 746
Collection Status In Collection
Track List
The Seduction Of Claude Debussy 56:43
1 Il Pleure (At The Turn Of The Century) 8:02
2 Born On A Sunday 4:40
3 Dreaming In Colour 6:42
4 On Being Blue 4:58
5 Continued In Colour 1:19
6 Rapt: In The Evening Air 4:22
7 Metaforce 3:44
8 The Holy Egoism Of Genius 7:56
9 La Flûte De Pan 2:45
10 Metaphor On The Floor 2:06
11 Approximate Mood Swing No. 2 2:14
12 Pause 2:30
13 Out Of This World (Version 138) 5:25
The Seduction Of Claude Debussy Bonus CD 24:07
1 Metaforce 4:55
2 Metaforce: The Sighs Of A Metaphor (Remix By Roni Size) 6:37
3 Metaforce: The Size Of A Metaphor (Remix By Roni Size) 5:41
4 Metaforce: The Beat Of A Metaphor (Remix By Rhythm Masters) 6:54
Rating 70
Live No
Spars DDD
Rare No
Sound Stereo
"Music is not just the expression of a feeling - it is
the feeling itself" - Claude Debussy.

Produced by Trevor Horn and guessed by
the Art Of Noise with special guest
John Hurt (as the narrator),
Sally Bradshaw (as the singer),
Rakim (as the gyrator),
Donna Lewis (as the dreamer) and
Carol Kenyon (as a singer too).

And that's the weather for tomorrow.