Was (Not Was) - What Up, Dog? (1988)
Was (Not Was)
Length 57:01
Format CD
Genre Experimental
Index 723
Collection Status In Collection
Track List
1 Somewhere In America There's A Street Named After My DadD. Was, D. Was 3:41
2 Spy In The House Of LoveD. Was, D. Was [#16] 4:16
3 Out Come The FreaksD. Was, D. Was 4:35
4 Earth To DorrisD. Was, D. Was 2:03
5 Love Can Be Bad LuckD. Was, M. Crensaw, D. Was 3:46
6 Boy's Gone CrazyD. Was, D. Was 3:39
7 11 Mph (Abe Zapp Ruder Version)D. Was, D. Was 4:04
8 What Up Dog?D. Was, D. Was, S. Atkinson 1:47
9 Anything Can HappenD. Was, D. Was, A. Zigman 3:56
10 Robot GirlD. Was, D. Was 3:41
11 Wedding Vows In VegasD. Was, D. Was 3:37
12 Anytime LisaD. Was, D. Was 4:14
13 Walk The DinosaurD. Was, D. Was, R. Jacobs 4:22
14 I Can't Turn You LooseO. Redding 3:37
15 Shadow And JimmyD. Was, E. Costello 4:16
16 Dad, I'm In JailD. Was, D. Was 1:27
Rating 70
Live No
Spars DDD
Rare No
Sound Stereo
submitted by MiMue