A Certain Ratio - Looking For A Certain Ratio (1994)
A Certain Ratio
Length 64:33
Format CD
Genre General Electronic
Label Creation
Index 691
Collection Status In Collection
Track List
1 Shack Up (Radio Edit) 4:23
2 Flight (Massey Mix) 5:40
3 The Fox (MacSilva Mix) 6:22
4 There's Only This (Sub Sub's Rainy City Mix) 5:40
5 Mickey Way (Manchester City Mix) 6:03
6 Touch (Primetime Mix) 5:34
7 Wild Party (Way Out West Mix) 5:40
8 Life's A Scream (Emergency Ward 10 Mix) 7:19
9 Blown Away (Puffin'stuff Mix) 7:23
10 Bootsy (The Swingfire Mix) 4:19
11 Si Firmir O Grido (Bandini Bimba Mix) 6:10
Rating 70
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Live No
Spars DDD
Rare No
Sound Stereo
UPC 5017556601594
'90s remixes of old ACR Factory tracks, for Creation Records (which also re-released the old albums)